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Google Translate is fun, but when your message matters, it's worth hiring a professional to get every nuance right. Since 2008, we have helped thousands of Texans communicate across language barriers by translating:

We also provide interpreters in spoken and sign language, either on-site or over the phone and video conferencing. 


Thousands of Translations

In our twelve years of service to Texas businesses and individuals, we have been privileged to translate thousands of documents and interpret at hundreds of assignments. Many of these are foreign-language orders going into English, for people coming to the United States for work and study. Even more are English orders going into Spanish, French, Portuguese, and other languages, for Texas organizations reaching out to immigrant and foreign audiences. This is especially important when the organization receives federal funding, because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees linguistic minorities the right to receive services in their own languages, and the Americans with Disabilities Act protects the language access rights of deaf persons.

We Love Translating!

Talk to any of our staff and you'll soon see that it's not just a job: it's a calling. We build bridges of communication and break down walls of misunderstanding. Today's world needs more translation. And in case you haven't talked to us in a few years, yes: we've changed our name from Austin Certified Translation to Texan Translation, to reflect a broader mission.


Accuracy Guaranteed

 One in seven of your customers needs translation to participate meaningfully in Texas business, education and courts. One in three prefers to communicate in a language other than English. We're a local team of experienced, passionate, perfectionist linguists who know how to connect you with these speakers of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, German, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese and more. We are a woman-owned, small, family business. We are members of the American Translators Association and are guided by the ATA Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. We are also proud members of the Better Business Bureau and the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.   


A Dominican client whose high school records we translated for Austin Community College.

Cherokee C.

"In August 2014, our firm hired Marco and Margaret Hanson of Austin Certified Translation [now Texan Translation] to assist us in a complex civil litigation matter. The project involved translation of several hundred pages of Spanish email correspondence. The documents were spread out over many separate orders, with varying deadlines, and included images, tables and complex technical language. We were very pleased with the work done by Austin Certified Translation. In a case involving voluminous production, their constant attention to detail and professionalism were very much appreciated. I would certainly hire Austin Certified Translation in the future as well as recommend them to other legal clients in need of quality Spanish translation."

Lindsey L.

"We are a growing restaurant group in Austin and have used Austin Certified Translation for the last few years. They are AWESOME! Prompt, efficient and such a breeze to work with. They have translated over 20+ documents for us in Spanish.  We would highly recommend them for small or large projects."  

Paula C.

"... the translation process is not automated and we don't use Google Translate. We use professional translators from Texas. The name of the company is Texan Translation and they are fabulous. We couldn't be happier and the turnaround time of the translations is anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for the petitions of order of protection..."

Saul V.

"Great service, speed, and accuracy. My daughter's visa was approved immediately thanks in part to the accurate translation of her birth certificate. I highly recommend this family owned business to anyone in need of an accurate, official translation." 

Kimberly B.

"Marco was recommended by a top interpreter and has proven to be an excellent and sought-after Spanish interpreter for all our legal-related matters. Austin Certified Translation is always our first choice!"